Painted Surface Protective Films

Painted surfaces are subject to a wide range of hazards, within the shop, within the warehouse and en route to the end user. The slightest blemish in that lustrous finish can, and probably will, jump out at the end user and detract from the perceived value of your product. Sure, it may be possible to “touch-up” the finish, but the product will never quite be the same in the customer’s mind.

The right protective film can protect painted surfaces from scratches, buff marks, finger prints, contaminants, and environmental hazards. Following, is a brief cross-reference of assorted films for painted surfaces. You will want to consider the surface characteristics, in addition to the type of pigments and binder in your particular paint. A film that adheres to a white paint might fall off of or even bond too aggressively to a red paint. And, if it will be stored out in direct sunlight, UV inhibiting characteristics become critically important.


1. Provides outdoor weather resistance.

2. The protective film peels out easily after finishing operations.

3. The protective film preserves the quality of surface without leaving residue or any marks once the protective film is removed.

4. Uniform and stable adhesion throughout the life cycle of the product.