Surface Protection Film Applications

Masking Films & Surface Protection Films : Coating of different types of synthetic adhesives on LDPE films which are subsequently used in masking purpose of products like furniture, extruded sections, metal sheets, decorative glass etc.


Cosmetics & Toiletries : Detergents, Face Creams, Shampoos, Tooth Paste


Lube Oils : Lube Oils in Flexi packs of size 40ml / 60ml / 205ml/1 liter , Engine Oils / Brake Oils etc in pouch pack.


Easy Peel Seal film : Food packs and REM packs which provides “convenience" at the time of dispensing of the products. Medical packs which need the "convenience" feature in specific cases of medicines for adults/patients. Lidding materials on semi rigid food trays for ease of opening convenience.

Cable Wrap : Lamition of aluminium foil or stainless steel foils and its subsequent use in the sheathing of Industrial Jelly filled cables or fibre optic cables


Food & Beverages : Dairy Products, Edible Oil , Fruit Juices , Marine Products , Processed Foods , Ready-to-Eat Meals , Snack Foods , Staple Commodities [salt, wheat flour, rice, sugar] , Tea, Coffee and Spices


Cement Packing : Cements both Regular and White Cements in a pack of 1kg / 2kg /5kg /10 kg

Metalizing : For metalizing of LDPE Film which are subsequently used for Barrier packaging of food products.


Pet Foods : Cat/Dog Foods and other similar pets foods in flex pack of 1 kg/5 kgs/ 10 kgs etc.


Auto Industry : Bonding of Fabrics and Foams which are subsequently used for hood liners, door liners, door trims, carpets manufacturing and seating upholstery etc.