Shree Technoplast is one of India’s most respected and largest suppliers of multilayer Surface Protection Films and Lamination Films to the flexible packaging industry as well as a variety of other specialty applications around the world.

Our Philosophy

To focus on multilayer films for:

flexible packaging, industrial and specialty applications, with manufacturing or process technology that provides Value to customers and an edge over competition.

To search and provide innovative solutions:

in existing and potential applications, for multilayer films, which either reduces cost or provides better value to customers.

To make a responsible effort to:

improve the environment and to the extent feasible, contribute to the well-being of the community in which we operate.

To search for strategic alliances:

where the partnership can provide leading technology, and or access to new products and markets.

Vision and Mission

The goal of Shree Technoplast is to provide its customers with cost-effective, temporary surface protection film and tape solutions that work. We are in business to make money and have fun… not always in that order.