Stainless Steel Protection film

With stainless steel, finish is everything. Whether you are looking for a brushed, bright annealed or mirror appearance, a single scratch can ruin the value of your product and cut through the protective surface layer which gives “stainless” its name. The problem is that your stainless steel faces many potential hazards through out the fabrication, shipping and installation processes. The surface can be marred at any step along the way, and the cost of fixing or replacing the product can put a big dent in your profit margin. You can protect your stainless steel from damage, and protect your bottom line, with stainless steel protection film.

Technical Specification

Film : Multilayer Polyethylene film coated with pressure sensitive adhesive.

Application : Stainless Steel

Color : Black and White, Clear Film, White Opaque Film, Special specifications are available on request.

Printability : We can personalize your product by printing your logo, trademark or technical instructions.

Thickness : Maximum 100 Micron.

Length : Maximum 2000 meters/Roll

Width : Maximum 1500 mm width.


1. Provides outdoor weather resistance.

2. The protective film peels out easily after finishing operations.

3. The protective film preserves the quality of surface without leaving residue or any marks once the protective film is removed.

4. Uniform and stable adhesion throughout the life cycle of the product.

Keeping Stainless Spotless

Low-cost stainless steel protection film provides a great return on investment, as it eliminates scrapes or scratches to the steel surface itself. Any damage or soiling impacts only the protective film, which is then easily peeled off and disposed of. Your product remains completely clean and untouched. There are stainless steel protection films to fit any finish and cover any application.