Protective Film for Plastics

Plastics are everywhere! This amazing material has been used in manufacturing for as long as most of us can remember, combining flexibility, durability and strength. It really is a miracle product. From large-scale flat sheet stock to molded containers, appliances and electronic devices, plastic has been there, done that. But to keep plastic surfaces safe, from the factory floor to the customer’s hands, careful handling is needed. Scratches, industrial solvents, painting mishaps and assorted contaminants can damage the finish, driving up costs and devaluing the product.

Whether you’re dealing with polycarbonates, acrylics or polyesters, Shree Technoplast offers a range of custom-designed plastic protective films to meet your needs. Plastic protective films are available in the exact dimensions you require to cover everything from home electronics or office equipment to sheet or coil stock.

Shree Technoplast offers a wide range of innovative solutions for protection of PVC Section with an extensive range of adhesion level, film thickness and color.

Hazards arise during:

1. Molding

2. Forming

3. Polishing

4. Cutting

5. Routing

6. Painting

7. Assembly

8. Shipping

9. Handling

10. Storage

11. Installation

Technical Specification:

Film : Multilayer Polyethylene film coated with pressure sensitive adhesive.

Application : PVC Section

Color : Black and White Film, Natural Film. Special specifications are available on request.

Printability : We can personalize your product by printing your logo, trademark or technical instructions.

Thickness : Maximum 80 Micron.

Length : Maximum 2000 meters/Roll

Width : Maximum 1500 mm width.


1. Provides outdoor weather resistance.

2. The protective film peels out easily after finishing operations.

3. The protective film preserves the quality of surface without leaving residue or any marks once the protective film is removed.

4. Uniform and stable adhesion throughout the life cycle of the product.