Metal Surface Protection Films

The strength, durability and aesthetic appeal of metal makes it the ideal material for a broad range of applications. In manufacturing and construction, metals have long formed the backbone that modern life and industry is built upon. And yet metal is also the trendy “new” standard for design in home and office furnishings, such as the stainless steel appliances and finishes that are in demand for their sleek luster, durability and easy maintenance.

Damage to the metal surface at any step can be costly, putting pressure on both your timeline and your bottom line.You can prevent any such damage from occurring with our metal protection film. Our protective films provide a temporary barrier that can absorb scratches or scrapes and block any liquid or solid contaminants. The thin, disposable film can then be quickly peeled off upon delivery to the next stage of manufacturing, or to the end customers themselves.We carry protective films to cover almost any type of metal, and can deliver it to you in the size and shape that will best suit your needs.

Shree Technoplast offers a wide range of innovative solutions for protection of Coated Steel with an extensive range of adhesion level, film thickness and color.

But for all of their advantages, metallic surfaces are not immune to damage and wear, especially during the fabrication and finishing processes. Metal surfaces can be marred by chatter marks, scratches or swirls, or contaminated by overspray, solvents, dust and the like.

Potential hazards to your metal surfaces arise during:

1. Machining

2. Brushing

3. Polishing

4. Cutting

5. Bending

6. Welding

7. Painting

8. Assembly

9. Shipping

10. Handling

11. Storage

12. Installation

Technical Specification:

Film : Multilayer Polyethylene film coated with pressure sensitive adhesive.

Application : Coated Steel

Color : Clear Film, Special specifications are available on request.

Printability : We can personalize your product by printing your logo, trademark or technical instructions.

Thickness : Maximum 80 Micron

Length : Maximum 2000 meters/Roll

Width : Maximum 1500 mm width.


1. Provides outdoor weather resistance.

2. The protective film peels out easily after finishing operations.

3. The protective film preserves the quality of surface without leaving residue or any marks once the protective film is removed.

4. Uniform and stable adhesion throughout the life cycle of the product.